Key Topics

  • Sustainability of cosmetic ingredients
  • Skin microbiota
  • Haircare: trends and technologies
  • Packaging: what’s new?
  • Pet care

Round table – Italian focus

La filiera cosmetica lombarda


Skin Summer School includes two sessions each day: one in the morning, between 10am and 12pm and one in the afternoon between 3pm and 5 pm. Each session will have its own focus: here you can find the preliminary program.

Moreover, for those who will attend the live event, there will be a welcome party on Monday afternoon at the end of the work as well as an happy hour organized on Tuesday afternoon.

Focus: Sustainability and Ingredients


  • Opening remarks
  • Sustainability, is it still a valuable claim? State of the art of the market and objectives for 2025-2030
  • From by-products of food industry to Beauty for the skin. Real examples of virtuous sustainable Italian supply chain
  • Sustainability Calculator: A Tool to Assess Sustainability in Cosmetic Products


  • Amazing Skin Vitamins to get you that year-round glow (Part I and II)
  • New Insights on Unique Features and Role of Nanostructured Materials in Cosmetics

Focus: Skincare, haircare and nailcare


  • New trends in haircare and skincare
  • How to support microbiota related claims
  • Saveguarding the skin eco-system
  • SmartLipids The new generation of advanced delivery systems


  • Plant stem cells in cosmetics: current trends and future directions
  • Calibrating the scalp ecosystem
  • Haircare: how to objectively support claims of hair products

Focus: Cosmetic Products


  • Round Table: La filiera Cosmetica Lombarda
  • Packaging: what’s new
  • The Evolution of Beauty and Cosmetics Through Bag-on-Valve Aerosol Technology


  • Make up: technological approach to characterize pigments
  • Pet’s coat and skin: much more than a matter of appearance
  • Skin Pet Care