Call for papers

The Scientific Board of Skin Summer School 2019 invites all interested individuals to submit abstracts on the following topics:
  • TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION Use of new device, methods and instrumentations for safety substantiation
  • TESTING OF COSMETIC PRODUCT AND SAFETY SUBSTANTATION Development and validation of protocols
  • FOCUS ON INGREDIENTS SAFETY Sunscreens, preservatives, biotechnological, hair and nail ingredients, organic,

The Abstract (500 words max) must be in ENGLISH.

Format of Abstract: One page, Font: Times New Roman, size 12, margin: Top= 2.5 cm, Bottom= 2.5 cm, Left= 3 cm, Right= 3 cm

  1. The Abstract should be limited to the following sections:

Purpose;  Methods;  Results;  Conclusions

  1. Short specific title should be used
  2. Underline initials and last name of the author who will present work

It is possible to submit preliminary work in phase of conclusion, with incomplete results.

Authors will be notified of acceptance of their paper and of the mode of presentation (oral or poster) by June 12, 2019.

During research section, a Best Poster Award will be given to a poster selected by scientific board.  Poster dimension: 80w X 120h

The abstract submission is conditioned on the registration of one of the author at the conference.

Abstract submission form

Company/University information

Deadline for submission: April 19, 2019 Six abstracts will be selected for oral presentation.